About Us

Chris getting his boat dirty
Chris Daniels, the founder of At the Dock Detailing

At the Dock Detailing  was founded by Chris Daniels after he saw that there was a need for affordable boat detailing in Carteret county and the surrounding areas.

Chris tells us that “maintaining your boat is one of,  if not, the most important aspect of boat ownership.  It will not only help maintain that new boat look but also it’s value.  Having your boat detailed at least once a year helps keep the wax on the boat and makes everyday cleaning so much easier.”

At the dock detailing will help you with all your boat care needs, from detailing, monthly washing, after use washes, engine room cleaning and in the water bottom cleaning.

Having your bottom cleaned at the dock eliminates costly boat yard costs and fuel cost running to the boat yard.

Call or email today for a free estimate.  We can customize any if our services to meet your needs

Over 20 years experience, references available upon request.

Marine Detailing and Bottom Cleaning